custom headset/bb press

custom headset/bb press 01, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

cheapness is the mother of ingenuity.

well, it's still freaking cold in ohio so i don't have much exciting riding stories to go on about other then i have found some really good cycling video's on the net and i have only crashed on my rollers at high speed about a dozen times so far this year.

first races are coming up soon, pretty awesome to see the number of enduro events on the rise, especially the marathon type 6 hour'ish races. think these smaller events and venues just seem to make the most sense overall. throw in beer and free camping along with a great course and any race is sure to be a success.

will be making the switch over to sram 2x10 in the next few weeks, my few rides on it during dealer camp has me totally convinced that it's the right setup for me. just love the smaller q factor, something my small hips should like.

may opt on one of the bikes to run a mixed setup of 2x9 running the sram up front and 9 speed in the back. will be running XX 26/39 rings so if running 9 speed i will run a 34 max in the back or if on the 10 speed, i will run the 36. only thing you have to do when running the 2x9 is to make sure you run a 10 speed chain. or so i have heard.

that's it, time for the rollers.

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house work and trainer rides

not mucho going on as of recent, weather has turned to hell freezing over weather in ohio as wind chills hit a -8 this morning. hmmm. think i'll drink some more coffee and hit the trainer.

parts are slowly rolling in for the build ups this year. excited to be making the switch over to sram 10 speed as the shifting seemed be dead on when i rode it last summer out west at the dealer demo. i still like xt/xtr, but for some reason new stuff always seems a lot better. funny how that is.

thanks to the Stan's No Tubes for helping me out this year, will be getting some wheels sent over to me just in time for the old pueblo 24 hour race in a few weeks time. racing duo again, should be good times. somehow riding and racing for 24 hours seems a lot less painful then two 4 hour days on my trainer. not only will i be outside, i will also have a chance to dodge some cacti, cows and people on the course. this time though, if i go to pass somebody, i hope they don't run me into about a dozen cacti again - was pulling out needles 2 months later. no joke.

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riding bling

connex, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

thanks goes out to Cantitoe Road supplying me with Connex 10sG chain for my 2011 bike build ups.

i have been running the chains since last year and they have working and shifting awesome so i am glad to have them back. in fact, my original chain i had on one of my race bike was put on my main training bike last june. working perfectly to this day after mucho miles.

check them out HERE

next up - where ernesto race next?

hmm.... my guess someplace where there is no snow. in february.

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coming to a hammer nutrition page near you

thanks goes out to julie lewis for the photo credit on the ernesto pic up on the rotating banner pic up on hammer nutrition as well as for hammer's continued support for the 2011 season.


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2011 sponsor updates

just a shout out and thanks to all the 2010 sponsors, thanks for your help during the past year, and a few updates on 2011.

i will continue on riding pivot 429 frames into 2011, the frames have been working fantastic the past few seasons and i am happy to be able ride them again this year.

i consolidated a few sponsors and will running Stan's wheels and sealant for both mountain and cross. super pumped to check out their new road/cross tubeless setup and of course, their rims are pretty much the standard in the industry.

and tools and small parts will be supplied by topeak.

race schedule is still pretty open at this point as some race dates are not set yet, but will include 24 hour nationals and the NUE series. personally, just happy that 24 hour nationals is NOT at moab.

with that, happy new year and keep the rubber side down.

sologoat out