speedgoat version 2.0

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is now in full effect.

ck it here: HERE

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saturday solo

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pretty mellow 5 hour ride today rocking out to radiohead.

mucho thanks out to my pals at the 'goat for sending me a 2010 xt crank super fast as my old gossamers decided to break on me last week. seems that 2+ plus years of heavy use on my training bike and a little too much torque on the crank bolts can cause a spindle to break. guess that's why dan the man uses a torque wrench.

in local yocal news, RATL crits and the westlake road series are both starting up soon, plan on hitting them both up this year - weather permitting.

beware, i am pre-announcing my RATL attack from the gun game plan once more. i have dubbed it the "reverse ekimov plan" - ekimov was know to launch attacks off the front with 2k to go and the whole field behind him - think it only worked once. my plan is just as nutty, but it's a whole longer way out - like about an hour.

with that, time to relax - and maybe do a few bit of pics edits for some sologoat schwag going up on ebay. a few old school parts, some awesome spooky cross gaurds, a sweet schwalbe jersey and old school speedgoat downhill jersey all up for sale - link up tomorrow night.

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weekend update

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not mucho has been going on lately other then some training bike repairs, training and bike room cleanup. gets a little time consuming sometimes maintaining the fleet, but it's all good.

seems like the dust has settled somewhat on the 24 nats change of date and venue, still bummed out that it won't be in the east.

but, as fate would have it, the change of date opened up the possibilities for other new venues - and of course, a chance to ride at fruita again.

wheels off to industry 9 for the rebuilds and then bikes and i head over to jim to get wobblenaughted.

with that, must run. temps are warming up and i need to get in some miles. see you out there.

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i shed a tear

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so, no big bear nationals this year - it's at moab again.

my thoughts on this have fluctuated wildly in the past few days since i have heard the news but i must say i am somewhat bummed out that big bear is not nationals. dreams of having all my friends and family there and having the support of a massive pit crew behind me was inspiring just in itself.

was also looking forward to a nice and long cross season and getting back to the Cinci 3 day cross series (Moab is on the same weekend).

reading the forums, everybody is grumpy about who is to fault and i am sure there are two sides to everybody's story. i just hope that everybody takes a chill pill on the whole thing, that everybody listens to what everybody is saying & that changes are made for 2011.

i'll leave it at that.

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2010 ernesto speegoat kit - warmers

last pieces of the 2010 ernesto kit up. pactimo will be the choice again for clothing supplier this year.

that's it - mucho stuff do sort and schedule.

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2010 ernesto speedgoat kit

2010 ernesto speedgoat kit, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

new kit for the new season. cross skinsuits are the same layout, with a few tweaks.

thanks for jim at the shop and everybody involved in working on the layout and new graphics.

stay tuned - pics of the new arm and knee warmers up tomorrow.

now, it's time to unpack from the weekend.

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spa city

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ok, so this is coming about a week late. some last minute switch up on some drive train stuff had me slightly freaking and in a panic. sold an old training bike and also making plans for another.

also working on a master plan for later this year, we will see if it pans out. as a firm believer in jinxing, i will not go into details.

got into arkansas two days before the event, ernesto sr utilizing the thule trailer to tow way too much stuff down as i didn't know how the weather was going to work out. was calling for snow on friday, so i choose to bring 3 bikes.

pre-ride on thursday was a nice change as i was outside in 50 plus degree weather. how odd. two new sections, but the course was fast and swoopy and well laid out except one weird tree in the last section. lap times would be around 45-50 minutes or so. course was a little wet in some sections, but in condition overall.

friday''s snow storm blew south and i rejoiced and did 2 laps in celebration. plews was in town, so i knew i would have a race on my hands and there's always a chance one of the fast local guys would show. fuzzy was out with the flu.

race started 10am saturday, had a good start and was one of the first five guys or so in the woods. some single speeder was trying to duke me out in a few sections before the single track and almost took me out twice. nice.

plews caught me half way through and danced away. he would end up winning.

i chased and chased, never closing the gap, but finally caught another one of the guys ahead of me who was racing solo, but was not in my class. officials kept giving me my overall placing amongst the teams and other classes so i had no idea where i was so i kept going hard.

switched bikes about 1/2 way through after burping a rear tire, otherwise the pivots worked awesome.

finished up the race with 7 laps and in 3rd. tough race, fun course. see you there next year.

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2010 spa city 6 hour results

2010 spa city 6 hour results, originally uploaded by solo_goat.

hard fought day, still trying to rest up and recover after the marathon effort of a race and a hella drive back.

time to unpack from the race, repack for the trip out to 'goat and get a full race write up done.

pics and full write up coming hopefully tomorrow.

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